Welcome to Explore Starbucks Reserve. You might already know me: I’m Melody and I operate other Starbucks-related websites:

No matter what you find me writing about, I love coffee. A great cup of coffee is an amazing thing. I decided I would have a website that just focuses on Starbucks coffee. While the name is ExploreStarbucksReserve.com, once in a while, you might find me writing about core Starbucks coffee, or other aspects of coffee education.

The articles are a bit fluid. I’d love to hear from you: As I learn new information about these coffees, I may end up adding or editing the articles. Unlike StarbucksMelody.com, the articles will be a little less fixed, once published.

Also, I’ll sometimes talk about coffees that have no special card, yet at one time or another were available at the scoop bar at the Roastery. Since I live close to the Roastery, that’s where I go to explore new Starbucks coffees.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Pantheon Blend No. 1

Pantheon Blend No. 1